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Coca-Cola Accessible Client Service Policy

Coca-Cola Ltd. and Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada Company (“Coca-Cola”) is committed to ensuring that we provide services to our customers with disabilities in an accessible manner, and in a way that respects the dignity and independence of those individuals. Coca-Cola’s commitment to ensuring accessible service is part of our overall objective of providing excellent customer service.

This Coca-Cola Accessible Client Service Policy (the “Policy”) establishes policies, practices and procedures relating to Coca-Cola’s provision of services to customers and other third parties. Coca-Cola may implement additional policies, practices and/or procedures in this regard but all such additional policies, practices and procedures will be consistent with the Policy.

Accessible Communications

Coca-Cola will communicate with individuals with disabilities in a manner that takes into account their disabilities.

Our employees communicate with customers and others in a variety of ways, including face to face interactions, letters, telephone calls and electronic/systems communications. In determining the appropriate method and form of communication, we will take into account accessibility needs resulting from disabilities. Customers and others are encouraged to identify accessibility needs in communicating and interacting with Coca-Cola.

Service Animals

Coca-Cola welcomes individuals with disabilities who use service animals. Service animals are allowed on the parts of our premises that are open to the public or other third parties, in accordance with applicable laws.

Support Persons

Customers and others with disabilities who require the assistance of a support person will be allowed to have that support person accompany them on Coca-Cola premises.

Assistive Devices

Customers and other individuals with disabilities may use their own assistive devices to access services provided by Coca-Cola. To the extent required, Coca-Cola will ensure that our employees are trained and familiar with various assistive devices that may be used by individuals when accessing our services and any assistive devices made available by Coca-Cola.

Notice of Temporary Disruptions

In the event of a planned or unexpected disruption to services or facilities that may be used by individuals with disabilities to access services, Coca-Cola will notify individuals of the disruptionpromptly. The notice will advise individuals regarding the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration and provide a description of alternative services or facilities available, if any.

The notice will be posted and/or communicated to individuals with disabilities in a manner that is reasonable in the circumstances.

Training of Staff

Coca-Cola will provide training to employees who deal with customers or other third parties, and those who are responsible for client service policy development, as required by applicable laws. In general terms, such training will include the following components:

  • - an overview of applicable laws related to the provision of services to individuals with disabilities;

  • - an overview of the Policy and any other practices, policies or procedures developed by Coca-Cola with respect to the provision of services to individuals with disabilities;

  • -information regarding how to interact and communicate with individuals with various types of disabilities, including interaction with individuals who use assistive devices, support persons and/or service animals;

  • - instruction on how to use any assistive devices that Coca-Cola may have available to assist individuals with disabilities to access services of Coca-Cola; and

  • - instruction on what to do if an individual with a disability is having difficulty accessing Coca-Cola services.
Coca-Cola will provide required training in connection with changes to the Policy or any other related policies, practices or procedures.

Feedback Process
Coca-Cola is committed to improving our customer service by listening to our customers and responding to their feedback. Customers and other third parties are encouraged to provide feedback on the way Coca-Cola provides services to individuals with disabilities.

Feedback can be directed to
James Keen, Manager Public Affairs, at 416-424-6075 or jkeen@coca-cola.com

Individuals can generally expect a response or preliminary response to their feedback within 15 business days of receipt by Coca-Cola of the feedback, if the nature of the feedback requires a response. In responding to feedback, Coca-Cola will take such steps as are necessary to rectify any issues or concerns raised in a manner consistent with the Policy and our commitment to providing excellent and accessible customer service. Depending on the circumstances, such steps may include requesting additional information from the individual providing the feedback, investigating specific complaints and/or providing documentation or communications in accessible formats. Coca-Cola will advise the individual providing the feedback of the results of the feedback review process as appropriate in the circumstances.

Distribution of Policy

Coca-Cola will provide a copy of the Policy to individuals requesting it, in an accessible format if required.